about me

hi! i appreciate the fact that you were curious to know more about me. thank you.

my name is adriana i’m 17 (almost 18 holla) and i live in peru. my birthday is on the 19th of may mark it on yo calendar

i spend about 99% of my time on my laptop, trying to ignore the real world and i often use internet humour which my friends don’t understand.

ok so some things i love girlgroups. nice things, pretty people and music. stupid jokes. circle lenses, makeup, clothes and shopping and twitter and tumblr. i’m addicted to junk food, i need to change that i don't like reading books but this year i'm going to study so hard bc im a law student

i think i'm cool

you should too

idk what to write about myself
ok seriously talk to me its like 4am and here i am redoing this damn page again h e l p

i hate mornings

Disclaimer : If any of the famous idols I admire find this blog… I do really like and respect you but at the same time you’re really bangable so there’s that too.

nobody asked me to be here or anything but here i am

ily bye